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Montag, 21. April 2014

Era-Z (Work in Progress)

Man, I was fed up with zombies.
They used to be everywhere. Movies, games, literature, music, you name it. Zombies were the new black. It's a miracle that McDonald's didn't pick up on it, with a BrainMac or something like that. ... Marrow McNuggets ... Happy Zombie Meal ...
Anyway, from a psychological point of view they were absolutely boring. They'd just drag themselves around, "Kiiiiilll. Eaaaat. Braaaains," and then they'd walk around some more and repeat the ever-same pattern unless they get killed ... again.
Primitive, or so we thought.

You see, now that they're literally everywhere, we came to realize that it's a bit more interesting than in our pre-era-Z fiction.
There's this guy just down the street. I can see him from the window of my office on the second floor. He was a patient of mine. Well, somehow he still is. I keep observing him and some others with my binoculars from a safe distance, and keep records about their movement and behavioral patterns. What's particularly remarkable about him is that, before all this, he was diagnosed with DID, dissociative identity disorder. It's a mental condition that caused him to develop up to three completely contrary personalities. Common people often called him "a schizo", despite the incorrect use of the term.
Due to doctor-(dead-yet-somehow-still-walking)patient confidentiality I can't tell you his real name, so let's just call him Bob. Even though Bob has been undead for quite some time now, his personalities are still shining through. Don't get me wrong, it's not like he's acting human. But his behavior alters depending on his state of mind. The two most easy-to-observe personalities of his were an extremely aggressive and a remarkably pacifistic one.
The first time I encountered Bob he was chasing after me like a bloodhound, enhancing only the most common zombie stereotypes. The same day I watched him attack some of our former neighbors who were now part of his wandering community. He didn't attend to eat them. Bob seemed like he was just raging, trying to intimidate the others with threatening screams, scaring them off, pointlessly pushing and punching them out of "his" way.
When I saw him again a few days later he was a different man...thing...creature...whatever. Suddenly he kept avoiding his also-rotting fellows. It almost looked like he'd be a shy, introverted loner. When a car stopped and people got out to finish some our neighbors off, to clear the road and get moving again, Bob didn't seem to care while the better part the others was attracted to the feisty meal on wheels. Even the old Mrs. Lincoln zombie made good use of her cane to get to sink her dentures in some fresh meat before her head got shoveled.

Bottom line is Bob got me thinking.
Seems like there's additional psychology behind zombie behavior after all, apart from the "they're nothing more than primitive hunters" theory. Yes, they're acting according to their most basic needs, yet that doesn't necessarily mean that they're just looking for food. There is definitely some research to be done.
I wonder what effect smartphones might have on them. I bet they'd make for a pretty neat distraction around undead teenagers.

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