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Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Why I Use Adblock

I watch a lot of YouTube for entertainment and informational purposes. Commercials and advertising neither entertain me nor provide me with any useful information. (Usually I either already know from other sources what they're telling me in their typically overly exaggerated way, because I'm really into that thing, or I'm simply not interested from the begin with. And even if, they'd miserably fail to inform me about it anyway.)
They're just annoying as hell.
I don't like getting annoyed, and I don't like having to wait a few seconds until I can start with getting less annoyed by skipping the damn thing. What I do like, though, is to prevent getting annoyed.
Thus Adblock.

Actually, that's pretty much all I have to say about that matter ... in a nutshell. ^^

Of course it's not nice towards the content creators that they're making less money because of people like me. Yet this whole advertisement system isn't built upon fairness from the begin with, neither regarding the viewers nor the creators.
Think about it. They're getting paid for letting their viewers put up with the nuisance of enduring those seemingly endless 15 to 30 seconds of bullshit, that advertises something that their channel often isn't even remotely related to. (Don't even get me started on specific user oriented advertising. It makes no difference to me.) The creators don't get paid for the clicks they get because of the quality of their content, but the mere quantity of it. More videos/more clicks = more commercials = more money. Don't know about you, guys, but that's not really what I want to get paid for.
"But you get more clicks per video and they only go viral when the quality is good."
Really? I highly doubt that that's the regular case, considering 90% of the viral crap that's floating around in YouTube waters, left aside that "boobs in thumbnails" thing.
Also, 30-second commercials for a 2-minute video? Seriously?
Additionally, you never know beforehand if you're going to like what you're about to see. So, in the worst case, you're already upset before even watching a single second of the video you wanted to see, and then you slide into a straight-up outrage because you also didn't like the video itself (it happens - even your most favorite YouTubers let one slip every once in a while). What you're left with is not only the time you wasted, but also the knowledge that someome else got paid for it anyway. Yes, you didn't lose any of your own money, but still. Then you click on the next video and the same shit starts all over again.
And in case that you've already earned your fair share of subscribers for making great content, I don't think that a few adblockers like me are causing any financial problems.
"But I could make a certain percentage more money, if-" Now shut the fuck up, would you? Don't get greedy. You're making money without having to leave your house. You're doing perfectly fine. Do you think a few bucks more in your pocket would make such a dramatic difference?

In my opinion, using Adblock isn't cheating on content creators for their money, because, even without Adblock, we wouldn't actually pay for their content anyway. (When I want to pay for it, then I do by buying their t-shirts and other merchandise.) I think it's YouTube who cheats on them.
How so?
By passing on the responsibility to, and topping it over people like me who are simply, to put it mildly, no fans of companies which are pointlessly advertising into the blue. Instead of making us like it, they brand us as "thieves" or otherwise dishonest people.
How about those self proclaimed "creative people" in advertising actually getting creative more often?
Isn't it the most effective way, to make people do/buy something, to make them like it, even want it, not annoy the hell outta them? Most commercials fail miserably at that task. And they know! Often enough they can't tell you a single reason why you should buy that particular product. Their go-to solution #1 for that lack of reason to advertise that product: sex.
Sex sells, always. Well, not always. To me it comes close to an insult when all the potential customers are put on the same step as the millions of other sheep which are being led to the financial slaughter by showing them an occasional sideboob.
Why is it that the better part of commercials you actually like to watch only emerge during a Superbowl broadcast? Is it that difficult to make mass marketing funny, witty, entertaining, so it can only happen once a year?  Ok, I can guess that it's more expensive. I mean, coming up with something enjoyable takes definitely more effort than, "Look! I'm a half naked woman. And I don't know why I have to be half naked, but the people who put me into this commercial are convinced it makes you want to buy this ... whatever this is that has nothing to do with me being half naked. 'Cause whenever I use this ... thing, suddenly all my problems are solved, and it even makes my equally scantily clad girlfriends happy for no reason at all." But isn't it worth the effort and money? Wouldn't it be worth it, if people were starting to like watching commercials? Wouldn't it be worth it to go the extra mile to make people delibertalely paying attention to what you're trying to sell?
Also, is it really that counterproductive to make ads more realistic and honest? Shiny happy people do not exist. The few who do don't advertise anything. We all know that. Commercials rarely keep it real and/or address people on a more personal level, other than, "Buy our product and you'll get super successful and over-the-top satisfied ... mostly because you'll have lots of sex."
Does it show that I'm quite fed up with pointlessly sexy advertising? ^^
But I digress. There are are more than just a few reasons why I dislike the most common kinds of advertising, especially the "IN YOUR FACE!" type.
Why should I let them intentionally bore and annoy me? You can't avoid it everwhere, so why shouldn't I be allowed to get rid of it when I can? I wouldn't have to do so, if it would be fun to watch and/or stay true to reality. Sadly that's not the case, so fuck it.

There are other ways, you know.
Has anybody ever thought about providing YouTubers with stuff they really want to advertise (product placement)? Yeah, voices would rise calling them sellouts, but at least they'd be selling themselves for something they like and not for a bunch of random shit that they can't control. I wouldn't mind watching people actually using and being happy with a product.
Or how about just letting the content creators choose in an extra menu for which products they want to have commercials and other ads linked to their video?
And wouldn't split-screen commercials be a nice idea? You could run them during any video. I don't mean those banners that take up a ridiculous amount of space on the screen. More the size of a channel's logo in one corner of the screen.
Why the fuck don't you just implement the commercials into the control bar?! Everybody is watching it practically all the time, be it for playing/pausing the video, volume control or whatever. If somebody happens to be interested in the advertised product, he/she can simply click on it to watch the full commercial and/or visit your website just like they do now, only without annoying the shit out of people who are just trying to watch a video. And don't tell me that it's not possible. It's simply a matter of handling the software right. The only boundaries for the software is your own imagination.

Anyway, bottom line is:
CONTENT CREATORS, you're working the wrong end by appealing to your viewers to stop using Adlock. There's a reason why we do it, and you know that the reason is not you.
Cut the crap.
Make us like commercials.
Invite us in.
Quit shoving it down our throats.
Make us start enjoying them, so we can start stopping to block them.

Just a thought.

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